Expanding professional sports leagues is always an exciting topic for sports fans. With an ever-growing list of cities eager to welcome a new team, the question of where to place the next MLB franchise is always a hot conversation. As part of a committee tasked with finding the next location for an MLB team, we analyzed various cities based on several factors such as population size, baseball culture, and potential fan base. Our research brought us to Memphis, Tennessee, a city steeped in history and known for its vibrant music scene and mouth-watering barbecue.

With a population of about 650,000, Memphis has a thriving community of passionate sports fans who are eager for a local team to cheer for. University of Memphis, Memphis 901 FC and the Memphis Grizzlies need a baseball team! Moreover, there is currently no MLB team in the state of Tennessee, which means that a potential fan base is still untapped. By placing an MLB team in Memphis, we can additionally attract fans from across the state and neighboring states like Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama.

When it comes to the league and division placement, we believe that the American League Central division would be the best fit. This division already has a few popular teams which will create exciting matchups and regional rivalries for fans. Provided the MLB is shifting to a schedule more like the NBA, getting teams from around the league to Memphis won’t be an issue. We think teams from West and East divisions of both leagues would likely be fans of this choice. In addition, we think the league would benefit from a team that would thrive in midday matchups (traditional to the Central division)

For the team name, we propose the Memphis Blues, paying homage to the city's rich music history and blues culture. The team's colors would be a deep blue, silver, and white. The stadium could be named the "Sun Studio Field" after the famous Sun Studio, which is one of the city's most popular tourist attractions and known as the "birthplace of rock and roll". We envision the stadium having a capacity of 40,000 seats, with minimal foul ground territory so fans are on top of players. In addition, we imagine Sun Studio Field featuring unique foods such as Memphis-style barbecue, hot chicken sandwiches, and fried pickles.

Overall, Memphis offers a perfect combination of baseball culture, potential fan base, and history, making it an excellent location for the next MLB franchise.


  • Patrick Epps said:

    Memphis would make a great MLB city. In fact I heard city officials have had talks with Tampa Rays about a possible relocation to Memphis. Love the Memphis Blues name perfect name.

    July 05, 2023

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